Wrongfully Convicted On Texas Death Row

On August 13, 1978 at approximately 6:03 a.m., the sun aligned with the celestial body of the universe, and the life of Joseph Kenneth Colone Jr. spawned forth from the womb of his mother at Women’s and Children (Baptist Hospital) located in Beaumont Texas.

There inside the womb of his mother for nearly (8) months… Eating with her and hearing her heartbeat, and listening to her voice on the daily - While she carried him, and nurtured him, keeping him safe and secure in her womb (his first home)....

Save Joseph Colone, Jr.

Support Joseph and his legal team are currently preparing his State Writ and Oral Arguments on his direct appeal. We are diligently raising adequate funding to hire identity eye witness experts and scientific experts that he will need in the event of the Premilinary Hearing


for legal defense and basic living needs(soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc...)


The family, friends and supporters of Joseph Colone, Jr.

Contributing Causes of Wrongful Convictions

By category, death-row exomerations between 200 and April 2017

Official misconduct 82.4%
Perjury or False Accusation 56.5%
False or misleading forensic evidence 72.4%
Inadequate legal defense 23.5%

10,000+ are wrongfully convicted in the United States every year


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