About Joseph


On August 13, 1978 at approximately 6:03 a.m., the sun aligned with the celestial body of the universe, and the life of Joseph Kenneth Colone Jr. spawned forth from the womb of his mother at Women’s and Children (Baptist Hospital) located in Beaumont Texas.  There inside the womb of his mother for nearly (8) months… Eating with her and hearing her heartbeat, and listening to her voice on the daily – While she carried him, and nurtured him, keeping him safe and secure in her womb (his first home)….

The close bond with Joseph and his mother was firmly united and their union still exist to this very day.  When his mother released him into the world from her womb., Joseph’s father (Joseph Sr.) was right there to create the home safe environment for his old son.  Providing all the love and care, nourishment and vitality, that Joseph needed to grow and develop and get acclimated to the world around him!! If you ask Joseph who his favorite people in the world are?! He would be quick to tell you, that his mother and father are because their love is boundless and remains an ever expanding entity!!

Months after he was born, Joseph’s parents had him christed and Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, located in Beaumont, Texas – The City that Joseph would go on to be raised in.  The importance of education was instilled in Joseph at an early age, and the cultivation of his knowledge began at the “Charlton – Pollard” Nursery Center. From grades kindergarten – until the 5th grade, Joseph attended “Our Mother of Mercy” Catholic School.

The oldest of (3)… Joseph’s brother is 3 years under him, and his baby sister is 3 years under his brother.  Joseph’s (father) kept his son’s involved in some sort of extracurricular activities year-round. Outside of school, Joseph grew up very much involved at the local YMCA, and the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.  During football season, Joseph played football, and during basketball season, he played basketball, and during baseball season, he played baseball, and during the summer, he took swimming classes. The one class, that the YMCA offered that Joseph didn’t take was Karate, and he admits he is kicking himself in the rear (today), because here in the U.S, – mixed martial arts has become such a phenomenal sport.  

During a school project at Odom Middle School where Joseph attend Jr. High… Joseph Sr. discovered that his son had a steady hand and great art skills, and began to cultivate his talent.  Joseph did a portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and won 1st Place. Ironically, Joseph would go on to be accepted in the “I Have A Dream Program” in High School. From this program, and offshoot of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math)…

Joseph focused in on a career in engineering.  Joseph graduated from West Brook High School in 1996, and shortly after graduation was accepted to Lamar University.  During his college years, Joseph will be the first to admit that he clearly lost focus. Having friends at college schools spread out all over the southern region. (Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M, Sam Houston University, University of Houston, and Grambling University) – just to name a few.  Joseph, found himself enjoying the college lifestyle, and unintentionally neglecting his studies. Joseph would eventually transfer his credit / hours from Lamar University – to – Lamar Institute of Technology with the aim to secure his 2 yr. Associates degree in the process operating field (as a minor), begin his career, then come back and pursue the other 2 yrs towards his Bachelor’s Degree directed at engineering.

However, at the surprising news of becoming a father, and inspecting fatherhood responsibilities in two-separate  relationships… school came to a halt, and Joseph began to get his home and financial – affairs in order. On October 1, 2001 Joseph became the proud father of a beautiful baby girl!! And on January 3, 2001, Joseph became the proud father of a handsome baby boy!! 

(Both) teenagers “ now, in High School… Joseph’s daughter is a sophomore, and his son is a freshman.

Before being accused and arrested for this capital offense that he did not commit…

Joseph went back to attend Lamar Institute of Technology, and took a short-course to secure his commercial  Drivers License with all of its endorsements. He then joined forces with a friend, and from there, began securing job contracts, and mapping out his path to entrepreneurship.

Life for Joseph (right now), is not how he ever imagined it would be!!  And Truth is that life often leads us down the roads “not” of our choosing!! Only the strong survive, but the strongest learns how to adopt and rise above!! 

Joseph, is adapting to this disruption in his life, and working hard as a positive force of energy to soar above those prison walls.  He has not allowed the unexpected circumstances of this incarceration the opportunity to bring his happiness to a standstill. And he will never allow it the opportunity to control him or define who he is!!

Joseph is a man with flaws… just like any! And he is miles away from being anywhere close to perfect!! However, beyond the flaws and imperfections… Joseph is Genuine!! A man with a big heart, that’s full of love and compassion.

Joseph is the kind of guy that will help you, as opposed to hurting you.  He will feed you before he watch you starve, and clothe you if he sees you without!!  If he cannot tell you something to lift your spirits up… he won’t say anything at all.  Thats who Joseph is!! He has a natural goodwill towards people, and strives to promote human welfare!! He’s down to earth, open-minded, and consciously aware!! He’s loyal and protective of his family and friends!! He adopted his mother’s love for fashion, so he loves to shop and has a fetish for shoes.  He loves american muscle cars, and foreign sport cars with strong motors. He is health conscious, works-out, eats clean food, and love reading all subject matters surrounding history.

He enjoys enjoys a wide range of music and his favorite colors are earth tones, that change with the seasons, like his colognes!!  This is Joseph Kenneth Colone Jr. Help us, help him get his life back!!